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Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate: safety for motorcycles owners

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  • Safety when buying a used bike?
  • Complaining about the chassis?
  • Are frame and chassis true?
  • Are you really sure the bike is
               just scratched and not bent?
  • These are the questions we are dealing with.

We deliver measuring equipment for experts and workshops.

Our measuring and diagnostic systems provide necessary information for the workshop, the expert and for racing teams.

The best setup is the most decisive factor on the race track nowadays . On country roads the setup decides everything: how fast you are, the safety of the bike, your trust in the bike, your good feeling with the bike and your ability to respond to the unforeseen.

With the CMS our service partners will optimizes the setup of your bike.

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Where can my bike be measured?
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www.mega-max.org www.crashdamagerepair.com www.teknodima.it www.tri-sphere.co.uk www.motometric.de www.mphohio.com