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Highly precise measurement without disassembly

Quick and precise measurements of the frame and the chassis without dismantling

Mega-m.a.x. realized for the first time the dream of a highly precise framework measurement without disassembly work on the vehicle.

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mega-m.a.x. replaces the successful m.a.x.-System

Based on the successful m.a.x.-System (over 140 units sold in Europe) and developed with the experience gained from it and new advancements in electronics, the new mega-m.a.x. delivers important economic advantages:

  • More than 10 times faster measurements using Ethernet(LAN) tcommunications with your PC
  • The measurement procedure is even easier through use of larger camera
  • view and updated software
  • Newly engineered electronics have increased reliability

No other system provides as many advantages

  • No dismantling with nearly all bikes (including fairings)
  • Measurements within 10 minutes start to finish
  • Measurements are carried out automatically - user errors are reduced to the minimum
  • User friendly- the system prompts with step by step instructions guiding through the measuring procedure
  • results of the measurement are not affected by the state of the front fork
  • Upgrade your mega-m.a.x. with the optional CMS for chassis tuning. Get definitive information and measurements on chassis variables
  • Integrated self-tests check and recalibrate the system in order to minimize maintenance
  • Measurements of all relevant components (with the exception of the front fork, see f.e.in.-gauge) of the bike are possible such as: main frame, frame rear, swing arm, brackets for fairings etc. etc.
  • Due to close cooperation with the BMW AG measurements of the innovative chassis concepts of BMW are our standard business

The mega-m.a.x.-measures the bike without removal of the front fork and most likely any other part, but the results are 100% unaffected by any possible distortion of the front fork. Two digital measuring cameras detect the position of the steering head axis automatically. They indicate the measuring targets mounted to the front fork in a left and right position of the handle bar. The mega-m.a.x. surveying program is 'self explaining' and leads the user through the whole procedure. Easy handling is guaranteed by the guidance the user gets on the display of the computer (not supplied with the system). The improved speed of the mega-m.a.x.-measurement makes surveys possible within less than 10 minutes.

The unique data includes over 1300 different models, covering the full scale on the market spectrum. Regular updates and constant access to the latest data via Internet guarantee uninterrupted data supply.

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