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Index data via internet

For proper and professional usage of the measuring systems the up-to-date reference data is essential. That is why we have invested heavily from the very start in our database. The complete and latest reference data is purchased by our clients with every system. We deliver to our costumers new and additional data via the clientcenter on our internet pages on demand.

Measurements of many new bikes are a result of time consuming research work and close partnership with the major manufacturers. Thank to these efforts, we can offer this world wide unique library of data.

Apart from that, the close and friendly partnership with our customers supports our efforts effectively. Our customers include several hundred workshops and experts in the whole of Europe and in the U.S using our systems every day.

Even the data of older vehicles from the 70s and 80s is revised by us if necessary.

Support via telephone

Our long experience in the motorcycle business and our work acting as expert witness and valuator is available to our customers by telephone support. We know that only the constant exchange of information within a network of experts creates the optimal solutions. Being our customer you immediately participate in our vast know-how and experience concerning nearly every question linked to frame and chassis of motorcycles.

Client Center

Our registered customers can access our client center where we provide the complete list of manufacturer approved reference values.

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