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Scheibner Limited

  • 1991 Laser-Frame-Gauge - Development of meaningful dimensions for motorcycle frames.
  • 1997 m.a.x.-system (computer based frame and chassis measuring system).
  • 1998 f.e.in.-system for evaluating damage to the front fork.
  • 2003 m.i.n.-system (frame measuring system with a telescopic sight).
  • 2005 The mega-m.a.x. replaces the m.a.x.-system. Increased speed and optimized handling are the main improvements.
  • 2005 The CMS (Chassis Maximizing System) is introduced - the optional upgrade for the mega-m.a.x.
  • Current situation: Several hundred customers worldwide are working with our systems. Universal protocols with understandable specifications are accepted by insurance companies, experts, manufacturers, workshops and motorbike owners.

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